Asia Pacific Sourcing Cologne, 2017 Mar 7-9
Asia Pacific Sourcing Cologne, 2017 Mar 7-9
Asia Pacific Sourcing Cologne, 2017 Mar 7-9
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1972 The company was established with total capital of NTD3800 (USD144).
1983 Total capital increased to NTD 2,000, 000(USD80, 000).
Employees: 40.
Annual turnover: NTD100,000,000 (USD4,000,000).
1988 Factory automation launched.
1990 Total capital increased to NTD6 million (USD240,000).
The products approved by TUV standard verification.
1992 Total capital increased to NTD12 million (USD480,000).
Employees: 80
Annual turnover: NTD170 million (USD6,800,000).
Metallurgy tools and AC-11 received U. S. A. patents.
1993 Productivity: 10 million PCS/month.
Expanded the factory successfully.
1994 Developing patent products, readjusted the business strategy and invested in mass-production, tools combination, packaging assembly equipment expansion to diversify the products, complete the forging automation.
Productivity increased to: 12 million PCS/month.
The Ratchet Screwdriver series received U.S.A patent.
1995 Factory building expanded to five, and total area reached 5000 m² (54540 ft²).
Automatically production increased. Turnover increased swiftly.
Patented product TOOL SET and developed.
New Quality Control System launched.
1996 Own brand
1997 Productivity and diversified products increased.
RH series product and convination kit developed.
1998 Applied for ISO 9002 verification.
RH1 and RH8 Ratchet Screwdrivers won the Taiwan refined-product award.
Developing RK series new products.
Subsidiary of The Merlin Tools Co., Ltd. in Nanjing started to produce in June.
1999 Passed the SGS International ISO certification.
RH2 and RH8 Ratchet Screwdrivers won The Award of Excellent Product in Taiwan.
RK series new products were introduced into market.
Subsidiary of The Merlin Tools Co., Ltd. passed the CQC ISO certification inSept. and the Heat-treatment plant set up and brought into production.
PHILLIPS SCREW COMPANY authorized Meeng Gang to produce ACR and PSD patent products.
2000 RH9 and RH10 Ratchet Screwdrivers were developed and brought into production.
Developed the Ralter series—the accessories for power/air tools.
Developed the RIB and AC-11A new products.
2001 Pushing on the ISO9001:2000 certificate exchange program.
Focus on Enterprise Culture reformation program.
2002 Successful in technology Cooperation with PHILLIPS SCREW COMPANY to developed PSD products and marketing in Europe and USA markets.
RH11, RH12 and RH13 new products were developed.
RH5P for electrical engineer received GS of TUV certification.
2003 ERP system launched. Whole company started with E management.
MAKITA started to issue order after survey.
New product Screwdriver Locator received Taiwan PAT.
New product Belt Holder for Screwdriver received Taiwan PAT.
2004 New product PT29 Push & Turn Screwdriver applied patent in Taiwan & USA.
COOPER started to issue order after survey.
2005 Screwdriver Locator received USA PAT.
New Countersink Bits developed and started sole marketing in North America.
2006 New Products TOP Countersink and TOP Counter Bore were introduced into market. New Product Light & Floating Screwdriver received Germany PAT. New Office Building construction project completed. CNC machines purchasing project completed.
2007 Lightest Floating Screwdriver project received subsidy of “ Assisting Traditional Enterprise in Technology Developing Program” from IDBMEA Taiwan.
2009 New product: Patented Lightweight Stainless Steel Screwdriver & Precision HSS Screwdriver introduced into the tool market
2010 Successful in exchanging ISO9001-2008 Certification in October. Lighten SS Screwdriver with Hollow handle available in the market.
2012 New Products Impact Resistant Screwdriver Bits were introduced into the toll market.
Powers Fasteners started to issue orders after survey.
2014 We started to cooperated with culture & creative industry and new product Tool Pen was successfully developed and launched into US market via
New product, TorsionArt Bit, was introduced into the tool market.
New woodworking accessory, Mini-Turbo Bit was introduced into the tool market.

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CEO:Mr. Song Ming Lee
Contact:Ms. Ting Liao
Address:69, Fu-Kuang 4th Lane, Wu-Kuang Road, Wu-Jih Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan